Recent BCO Awards

Recent BCO Awards

Five projects reach the finals
BCO Awards

Harvey McLean celebrates as five of their projects reach the finals of the recent BCO Awards

The recent British Council for Offices (BCO) Awards in Glasgow showcased the best in office design and innovation, celebrating projects that push boundaries and redefine the workplace experience. These awards recognised a wide range of projects, from large-scale commercial developments to innovative coworking spaces.


We were thrilled to attend the BCO awards, having been invited by our friends at AKP. They were finalists for their Dentons Edinburgh Project, a project in which we were delighted to be involved, providing the bespoke joinery package.


There were seventeen finalists in total, and we were delighted to have been involved in five of these outstanding projects. The five projects we were involved in were:

Dentons, Edinburgh, No9 Haymarket Square

FCA Edinburgh, 127 Fountainbridge

FCA Edinburgh Fit Out, 127 Fountainbridge

Social Security Scotland Headquarters, Agnes Husband House, 17 South Union Street, Dundee

Statkraft, The Garment Factory, 10 Montrose Street, Glasgow
BCO Awards

The winning projects at the BCO Awards offer valuable insights into current trends in office design.

Some of the key trends highlighted by this year's winners include:

Flexible Workspaces: Many of the winning projects feature flexible work areas that can be easily adapted to suit the changing needs of modern businesses.

Biophilic Design: A focus on incorporating natural elements into the workplace, such as greenery and natural light, to create a more inviting and productive environment.

Wellness and Sustainability: Several winning projects prioritise employee wellness and environmental sustainability, with features such as wellness rooms, bike storage, and energy-efficient design.

As our work culture evolves, so does the design of our office spaces. The BCO Awards offer valuable insights into the future of office design, emphasising the significance of flexibility, sustainability, and employee well-being. Recognising this trend, the importance of bespoke joinery becomes increasingly evident, highlighting the need for a trusted supply partner capable of realising the design vision.


We really enjoyed the afternoon celebrating the very best in office design and innovation, seeing first hand, projects that are redefining the workplace experience. As we look to the future, these award-winning projects offer valuable insights into the trends that will shape the offices of tomorrow, and we can’t wait to be there supporting these innovative designs and concepts.


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